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lat 53.48 lon -2.24
Temp celcius
Temp: 10.34
min: 9
max: 12
wind speed kmh 2.6
cloud percentage 0
last 3 hours rain volume:
last 3 hours snow volume:
sunrise 07:40
sunset 16:06
city name Manchester


Trump to visit California's wildfires
The toll from the Camp Fire in California has risen to 71 with more than 1,000 people reported missing.

UK 'not standing up to Brussels bullies'
Former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab criticises the "lack of will and resolve" in dealing with the EU.

'I survived the Jonestown cult massacre'
Laura Johnston Kohl reflects on surviving the events of November 1978, when more than 900 died.

Political controversy at 'Chinese Oscars'
The Golden Horse awards recognise the best Chinese films - but this time there's a row over Taiwan.

Why are so many missing in California fires?
Local officials say more than 1,200 people reported missing - but that number could fluctuate.

India's first elephant hospital opens
The charity-run centre aims to treat elephants rescued from captivity and injured in accidents.

Sophia Florsch: Formula 3 driver fractures spine in Macau Grand Prix crash
Formula 3 driver Sophia Florsch suffers a fractured spine in a crash at the Macau Grand Prix in China.

US-China division mars Apec summit end
There is no formal leaders's statement for the first time amid competing visions for the region.

French fuel protests leave 400 injured
Protests against rising fuel prices spill into Sunday after almost 300,000 took to the streets.

Anger over Bangladesh leader 'tail' error
A supporter of the Bangladeshi PM threatens to sue a cinema over a "humiliating" spelling error.


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Firefighter rescued a cat from wildfire in Paradise, Califormia
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Instacart changes how it pays shoppers, but many say they’re now making less
"Exact dollar per batch—that's transparency," Instacart executive tells Ars.

Some clues about why male Guinea baboons fondle each other’s genitals
Plenty of animals have ritual greetings. But most are not like this.

Dealmaster: The Black Friday 2018 tech deals that might actually be worth buying
We've pored over the ads to find Black Friday tech deals that won't be trash.

Artifact beta: Learn how to play Valve’s first card game... and how to pay
Card packs, tickets, heroes, creeps, spells: We've got screens of (nearly) everything.

The Boring Company’s first tunnel is all dug up
Tunnel reportedly ends on property The Boring Company recently bought.

Sunset Overdrive review: Ride the rails to kaboom-town (finally on PCs, too)
Zany parkour shooter was among Xbox One's best in 2014—prepare your mouse and keyboard.

Enigmatic ridges on Pluto may be the remains of vanished nitrogen glaciers
But we don't know of any mechanism that can create Pluto's "washboard" terrain.

Abstract board games are all the rage—and Reef is the year’s best
Chunky, colorful pieces and simple rules make this a game for everyone.

Report: Charges against Assange relate to Russian hacking
A government cut-and-paste error revealed Assange has apparently been charged.

Review: Intel’s 9th Gen Core i9 9900K processor hits 5GHz—just at a price
Intel’s latest has performance to spare for gamers and power users.


The Remarkable Brain Waves of High Level Meditators
What's going on in the brains of people who meditate? Anecdotal evidence suggests that meditation does something to people's minds

The Land That Failed to Fail
The West was sure the Chinese approach would not work. It just had to wait. It’s still waiting.


Rust and SPARK: Software Reliability for Everyone
Programming languages often defer reliability and security issues to tools and processes. Two initiatives—SPARK and Rust—state that language is key to reaching these objectives.

Building your own shell using Rust

Unscii – a bitmapped Unicode font for blocky graphics

Open ZFS vs. Btrfs | and other file systems
Michael Dexter has invested his volunteer time and career in Open Source hypervisors and file systems and is saddened to hear that a fledgling alternative to OpenZFS, suffered a setback this week with Red Hat's announcement that it is deprecating Btrfs as a "Preview" file system.

SIM Card Forces All of Your Mobile Data Through Tor

Facebook’s former CSO says that the US must ‘come together to protect’ democracy from misinformation
Alex Stamos, who recently stepped down from his role as Chief Security Officer at Facebook, published an op-ed in The Washington Post today, saying that Facebook could have responded Russian interference on its platform earlier, but also says that Congress should update its laws regarding political advertisers, and that social media users need to “adjust to a media environment in which several dozen gatekeepers no longer control what is newsworthy.”

A thread written by @TinkerSec
Singing the Blues: Taking Down an Insider Threat "I had all of the advantages. I was already inside the network. No one suspected me. But they found my hack, kicked me off the network... ...and physically hunted me down."


The slow corrosion of techno-optimism
Two weeks from now, the Swahilipot Hub, a hackerspace / makerspace / center for techies and artists in Mombasa, Kenya, is hosting a Pwani Innovation Week, “to stimulate the innovation ecosystem in the Pwani Region.” Some of its organizers showed me around Mombasa’s cable landing s…

Vision Direct reveals breach that skimmed customer credit cards
European online contact lens supplier Vision Direct has revealed a data breach which compromised full credit card details for a number of its customers, as well as personal information. Compromised data includes full name, billing address, email address, password, telephone number and payment card …

Cities that didn’t win HQ2 shouldn’t be counted out
Brooks Rainwater Contributor Share on Twitter Brooks Rainwater is the director of the Center for City Solutions and Applied Research at the National League of Cities. More posts by this contributor As tasks wane, skills rise Blockchain technology could be the great equalizer for American cities Sco…

Microsoft to shut down HockeyApp
Microsoft announced plans to shut down HockeyApp and replace it with Visual Studio App Center. The company acquired the startup behind HockeyApp back in 2014. And if you’re still using HockeyApp, the service will officially shut down on November 16, 2019. HockeyApp was a service that let you distri…

China's hottest news app Jinri Toutiao announces new CEO
You may not have heard of ByteDance, but you probably know its red-hot video app TikTok, which gobbled up in August. The Beijing-based company also runs a popular news aggregator called Jinri Toutiao, which means “today’s headlines” in Chinese, and the app just assigned…

Quantum computing, not AI, will define our future
William ("Whurley") Hurley Contributor Share on Twitter William Hurley, commonly known as whurley, is an American entrepreneur and the founder of Chaotic Moon Studios, Honest Dollar, and Equals: The Global Partnership for Gender Equality in the Digital Age. He is currently chairing the Qu…

WhatsApp could wreck Snapchat again by copying ephemeral messaging
WhatsApp already ruined Snapchat’s growth once. WhatsApp Status, its clone of Snapchat Stories, now has 450 million daily active users compared to Snapchat’s 188 million. That’s despite its 24-hour disappearing slideshows missing tons of features including augmented reality selfie…

How cities can fix tourism hell
A steep and rapid rise in tourism has left behind a wake of economic and environmental damage in cities around the globe. In response, governments have been responding with policies that attempt to limit the number of visitors who come in. We’ve decided to spare you from any more Amazon HQ2 talk an…

Microsoft could release a disc-less Xbox One
According to a new report from Thurott, Microsoft has been working on a new console in the Xbox One family. This cheaper model could play regular Xbox One games, but there would be no Blu-Ray drive. This move would lower the price of the entry-level Xbox One. An Xbox One S officially starts at $299…

SparkLabs Taipei closes initial $4.25M for its first fund, adds Jeremy Lin as an advisor
SparkLabs Taipei, part of SparkLabs Group, the global network of accelerator programs and funds that works with emerging startup ecosystems, has raised $4.25 million in an initial close led by CTBC Group, along with individual investors, for its first venture capital fund. SparkLabs Taipei also ann…

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