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scattered clouds

lat 53.48 lon -2.24
Temp celcius
Temp: 14.63
min: 11
max: 18
wind speed kmh 3.6
cloud percentage 39
last 3 hours rain volume:
last 3 hours snow volume:
sunrise 04:54
sunset 19:20
city name Manchester


Sri Lanka faces bomb warnings scrutiny
Reports there were warnings of possible attacks throws the spotlight on the country's leadership.

US to end Iran oil sanctions waivers
China, India, Japan, South Korea and Turkey will no longer be exempt from economic penalties.

Ritual beating of Judas effigy 'was anti-Semitic'
An effigy beaten by children in a Polish town has stereotypical Jewish features.

Father and son drown in sea rescue bid
Ross and Andrew Powell had been trying to save a tourist off Australia's southern coast.

Top climbers die in Canadian avalanche
The group had been missing since last Wednesday whilst climbing Howse Peake in Banff National Park.

Parkinson's implant restores movement
An electrical stimulus can help revive mobility for people with the disease, scientists have discovered.

Herman Cain withdraws Federal Reserve bid
President Trump tweeted that he would respect Mr Cain's wishes and not pursue the nomination.

Several killed in Philippines earthquake
The magnitude 6.1 earthquake leaves a trail of destruction in its wake.

Comedian 'wins Ukrainian presidency'
Ukrainian comedian Volodymyr Zelensky elected president with more than 70% support, exit polls suggest

Gorillas pose for selfie with rescuers
They were trying to imitate the rangers who raised them, a park official said.


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TIL As a child, Einstein's Uncle Jakob introduced him to algebra and called it "a merry science". He compared algebra to hunting a little animal. You didn't know the name of the animal, so you called it "x". When you finally caught the animal you gave it the correct name
What is Algebra? Algebra is using letters to represent numbers in formulae and equations. Free online Mathematics lessons and tests. Glossary of Mathematics terms.

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Bug in French government’s WhatsApp replacement let anyone join Élysée chats
Researcher found bug in email validation that let him log in and join "rooms" in Tchap app.

Loose online lips sink hack targeting governments and embassies
"EvaPiks" spills code and techniques used in ongoing hack campaign.

Millimeter-wave 5G will never scale beyond dense urban areas, T-Mobile says
T-Mobile CTO says 5G's high-frequency spectrum won't cover rural America.

Time travel and Black Lives Matter mix in new trailer for See You Yesterday
Director Stefon Bristol: "I don't want the conversation on police brutality to slow down."

Tesla has three of the 11 most popular cars shared on Turo
EV supply grew 1.6x faster than hybrid or internal combustion engine vehicles in 2018.

NIH, FBI accuse scientists in US of sending IP to China, running shadow labs
Federal officials say there's "systematic" meddling by foreign entities.

Charter avoids getting kicked out of New York, agrees to new merger conditions
Charter must expand its own network and pay $12 million to fund more broadband.

Google cuts the Pixel 3 price in half for Project Fi’s birthday
Google's running the best deal ever for the Pixel 3, for US residents only.

Microsoft engineer complains that company is biased against white men
Internal memo suggests that women don't think the right way to be engineers.

A Model S burst in flames in a parking lot, Tesla will investigate
No one was injured in the fire.


How Otonomo, with nearly $55 million in funding, is illegally cloning our product
We started Smartcar a few years ago with a powerful mission: making it possible for developers to easily build apps for cars. We created a standard API for cars. Developers can read our docs and use our API to locate or even unlock a car’s doors with just a few lines of code. We’re proud of the product our small 20-person team has built and we’re glad to work with the customers we serve. As developers ourselves, we know that great API experiences need great documentation. That’s something we re

The fight to save coral | Scienceline
Climate change is pushing corals, and the biologists hoping to save them, to their limits.

Beyond Meat S-1

Things I Enjoy in Rust: Error Handling

Why Turning on HTTP/2 Was a Mistake - Lucidchart
HTTP/2 is a great leap forward for HTTP, but turning it on HTTP/2 was a mistake. Learn how to solve this problem without having to increase computing.

Svelte 3: Rethinking Reactivity
It's finally here

Agony of an African Programmer
Working as an independent mobile, web and software developer in Africa can be a trying experience. Africa for so long has being recognized by the world as an agricultural continent and for the past decade many software developers (African Code Kings) are working tirelessly to prove that we are also

Never use print for debugging again. Contribute to cool-RR/PySnooper development by creating an account on GitHub.

The Bizarre History of Buca di Beppo, America’s Most Postmodern Red Sauce Chain
How a Lutheran from central Illinois created a genre-defining Italian-American restaurant.

For some startups, there’s no buzz needed - The Boston Globe
Lost in all the buzz about big tech companies that are going public are reliable smaller operations like Poll Everywhere, whose customers include McDonald’s, Google, and Harvard.


Vine reboot Byte begins beta testing
Twitter shut down Dom Hoffman’s app Vine, giving away the short-form video goldmine to China’s TikTok. Now a year and half since Hoffman announced he’d reimagine the app as V2 then scrapped that name, his follow-up to Vine called Byte has finally sent out the first 100 invites to …

Tesla plans to launch a robotaxi network in 2020
Tesla expects to launch the first robotaxis as part of broader vision for an autonomous ride-sharing network in 2020, CEO Elon Musk said during the company’s Autonomy Day. “I feel very confident predicting that there will be autonomous robotaxis from Tesla next year — not in all jurisdi…

Tesla vaunts creation of 'the best chip in the world' for self-driving
At its "Autonomy Day" today, Tesla detailed the new custom chip that will be running the self-driving software in its vehicles. Elon Musk rather peremptorily called it "the best chip in the world...objectively." That might be a stretch, but it certainly should get the job done.

China's fast-growing Starbucks competitor Luckin Coffee just filed to go public on the Nasdaq
China’s Luckin Coffee has registered plans with the SEC to go public on the Nasdaq, setting a placeholder amount of $100 million, shows its filing. The development comes less than a week after the 18-month-old company announced $150 million in Series B “plus” funding led by the private …

Tesla's full self-driving computer is now in all new cars and a next-gen chip is already 'halfway done'
The Tesla computer, a new custom chip designed to enable full self-driving capabilities, is now in all new Model 3, X and S vehicles, CEO Elon Musk said during the company’s Autonomy Day. Tesla switched over from Nvidia’s Drive platform to its own custom chip for the Model S and X about a mon…

"Anyone relying on Lidar is doomed," Elon Musk says
Today at Tesla’s first Autonomy Day event, Elon Musk took questions from the press but didn’t have time for questions about Lidar. Historically, he’s been vocal about the technology, and this time he put it as clear as he could.  “LIDAR is a fool’s errand,” Elon Musk said. &#…

Streaming TV service Philo gets a little more expensive
As the internet TV services have matured, their pricing has as well. The majority have raised their price points — some have even done so multiple times. Today, Philo is following suit…but only by a little. The streaming TV service has been one of the cheapest on the market, with an ent…

The new new web
Over the last five years, almost everything about web development has changed. Oh, the old tech still works, your WordPress and Ruby On Rails sites still function just fine — but they’re increasingly being supplanted by radical new approaches. The contents of your browser are being sliced, di…

Security lapse at contract startup Evisort exposed sensitive data
Evisort, a document and contract management company, left one of its document databases unsecured, exposing customer data. The startup, founded by former Harvard and MIT students in 2016, bills itself as an artificial intelligence contract management company, which it says helps to better organize …

Talk media and TED2019 key takeaways with TechCrunch’s Anthony Ha
Anthony just returned from Vancouver, where he was covering the TED2019 conference — a much-parodied gathering where VCs, executives and other bigwigs gather to exchange ideas. This year, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey got the biggest headlines, but the questions raised in his onstage interview kept poppi…

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