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light intensity shower rain

lat 53.48 lon -2.24
Temp celcius
Temp: 16.77
min: 14.44
max: 18.89
wind speed kmh 5.1
cloud percentage 40
last 3 hours rain volume:
last 3 hours snow volume:
sunrise 03:39
sunset 20:39
city name Manchester


HK protesters vow to push ahead with mass rally
Protesters vow to gather on Sunday, despite the government's decision to suspend the extradition bill.

Large crowds gather in central Hong Kong
Thousands of people marched in Hong Kong on Sunday against a controversial extradition bill.

Massive power cut hits all of Argentina
All of Argentina and Uruguay are without power, supplier says, affecting about 48m people.

Netanyahu's wife admits misusing public funds
Sara Netanyahu will have to reimburse $12,490 (£9,917).

India v Pakistan - build-up to the 'biggest game in cricket'
Pakistan win the toss and choose to bowl first against India in the Cricket World Cup - follow in-play clips, radio & text.

Travel site removes 'offensive' mural guide
Fodor's Travel compared "wildly romantic Catholic murals" to "workmanlike efforts" in Protestant areas.

Trump hits out again at Khan over violence
The US president's comments come after five separate attacks in London leave three men dead.

Saudis urge 'decisive' response to tanker attacks
The call follows Thursday's attack on two tankers in the Gulf of Oman, which the US blames on Iran.

Priests wear hard hats at Notre-Dame
The first mass has been held at Notre-Dame cathedral since the devastating fire in April.

Ethiopia anger over texting and internet blackouts
No explanation has been given for the shut downs but they coincide with nationwide exams.


Get Microsoft Edge preview builds here.

God damn kids
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Gut microbes eat our medication
A concrete example of how one species of bacteria consumes levodopa, the primary treatment for Parkinson’s disease, could reveal more about how the microbiome impacts our health

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Germany Joins Chorus Casting Doubt on Trump Administration Claim That Iran was Behind Attack on Oil Tankers
"The video is not enough," Germany's foreign minister said.

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Channing Tatum Spotted On The Set of Ryan Reynolds’ Action Flick ‘Free Guy’ As He Takes An Undisclosed Role
It looks like Ryan Reynolds is getting some company on his action film Free Guy as new set photos have revealed a big name has joined the cast. Free Guy centers on a background character (Ryan Reyn…


E3 2019 in photos: Gooigi, crazy arcade machines, and a DOOM museum
Plus, the National Videogame Museum returns with some of its craziest rarities yet.

Review: Director Jim Jarmusch puts his deadpan stamp on The Dead Don’t Die
A wryly ironic zombie comedy featuring a katana-wielding Tilda Swinton? Yes please.

Final Fantasy VII Remake hands-on: Already feels like the one for jaded JRPG fans
World-premiere demo adds enough new ideas to rekindle my teenaged FFVII interest.

Hackers behind dangerous oil and gas intrusions are probing US power grids
Group responsible for safety tampering Triconex malware has expanded, researchers say.

We used to be friends: Veronica Mars is back in the first full season 4 trailer
Bombings, guns, Spring Break, and mysterious new characters—it's a lot to take in.

Anti-vaxxers defeated: NY bans exemptions as doctors vote to step up fight
Doctors will now actively push for bans on vaccine exemptions.

Porn trolling mastermind Paul Hansmeier gets 14 years in prison
Judge blasts Hansmeier for "almost incalculable" harms to justice.

Review: Men in Black: International is a solid addition to the popular franchise
Fans of the franchise should enjoy this flawed-but-fun summer fare.

Cable companies can save money now that DOCSIS 3.1 upgrade is mostly done
Broadband investment happens in cycles—despite what the FCC tells you.

If you’re crazy rich, you can pay Ferrari to be a test driver
If you have a few million dollars to spare and love Ferrari, give Corsa Clienti a call.


The best, until OpenMandriva does better: released OMLx 4.0 – OpenMandriva
OpenMandriva Lx 4.0 final release is out now! Exciting news! Shortly after the release candidate we are very proud to introduce you the fruit of so much work, some visible and much more behind…

Researchers use Rowhammer bit flips to steal 2048-bit crypto key
RAMBleed side-channel attack works even when DRAM is protected by error-correcting code.

Comparing the Same Project in Rust, Haskell, C++, Python, Scala and OCaml

Why magician Penn Jillette fasts 23 hours a day to maintain his 100-pound weight loss
Penn Jillette didn't listen to the experts who told him to get his stomach stapled. But he did radically change his diet, and tries to fast 23 hours a day.

Apollo 11 in Real-time
A real-time interactive journey through the Apollo 11 mission. Relive every moment as it occurred in 1969.

People met in hotel lobbies | Just Well Mixed
Selections from the Washington Post's Gilded Age coverage of notable visitors to the city

Dana Fried on Twitter
“So... When we got a puppy we registered her with the AKC, because purebred and respectable breeder. The AKC is a little like the old roller derby rule where two dogs of the same breed can't have the same name. Except instead of one dog, it's thirty-seven. Thirty-seven, you ask?”

Operating Environment: essential industry background for open software licenses
essential industry background for reading open software licenses

Pushing the Limits of Human Endurance
When we work out rigorously on a regular basis, our bodies adjust to limit our ability to expend energy, a new study shows.

The 5 blood sugar patterns to master as a type 2 diabetic
Learn the 5 reasons why your blood sugar might be elevated, and how you should address each of them.


Week-in-Review: E3's forever franchises and Elon Musk's submersible Tesla
Hey, weekend readers. This is Week-in-Review where I get hopped up on caffeine and give a heavy amount of analysis on one story while scouring the rest of the hundreds of stories that emerged on TechCrunch this week to surface my favorites for your reading pleasure. Last week, I railed on Google&#8…

Shyp is preparing for a comeback under new management
Fifteen months after shutting down, Shyp is getting ready to launch again. The startup tweeted today that “We are back! We’re hard at work to rebuild an unparalleled shipping experience. Before we begin operations again, we’d love to hear your feedback in this quick survey. We look forward to worki…

Getting remote work working, A16Z in LatAm, transferring H-1Bs, and Uber Air taxis
How to make remote work work TechCrunch columnist Jon Evans has an Extra Crunch-exclusive look on what it takes to get remote work working within an organization. Evans, who has been the remote CTO of technology consulting firm HappyFunCorp for many years, finds that “you need decisive confidence, …

Equity transcribed: Silicon Valley’s founder fetish infantilizes public companies
Welcome back to this week’s transcribed edition of Equity. This was a big week of news that the Equity duo had to cover. Kate was at the Code Conference, Fortnite maker, Epic Games bought Houseparty, and a bit more on the Bird-Scoot deal. Then came talk of the CrowdStrike IPO, which gave way …

Meet TezLab, the Fitbit for Tesla vehicles
Some of the best real-time insights into Tesla and its global fleet of electric vehicles — outside the confines of its Silicon Valley headquarters — might be through the lens of TezLab, a tiny upstart in Brooklyn. Now, a little more than two years after its founding, TezLab is on the verge of hitti…

Original Content podcast: 'Black Mirror' returns with one of its strongest seasons
Less than six months after releasing the disappointing interactive experiment “Bandersnatch,” Netflix’s science fiction anthology series “Black Mirror” is back with three traditionally-structured episodes. On the latest installment of the Original Content podcast, we w…

Startups Weekly: #CodeCon, the 'techlash' and ill-prepared CEOs
In this week's newsletter: Epic Games throws a houseparty, CrowdStrike soars and a VR startup raises fresh funds.

Where is the EU going on tech and competition policy?
Huge technology policy questions are looming for whoever takes the top jobs at the European Union in the coming months. Decisions that could radically reshape tech business models, reconfigure the competitive landscape and change the relationship between Internet users and the content and services …

Amazon Spark, the retailer's two-year-old Instagram competitor, has shut down
Amazon’s two-year-old Instagram competitor, Amazon Spark, is no more. Hoping to capitalize on the social shopping trend and tap into the power of online influencers, Amazon in 2017 launched its own take on Instagram with a shoppable feed of stories and photos aimed at Prime members. The exper…

This neural network detects whether faces have been Photoshopped
Using Photoshop and other image manipulation software to tweak faces in photos has become common practice, but it's not always made clear when it's been done. Berkeley and Adobe researchers have made a tool that not only can tell when a face has been Photoshopped, but can suggest how to undo it.

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